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The honest to goodness TRUE story...

Once upon a time there were two exceptional individuals who finally decided to take the plunge and tie the knot. (Of course there was no pressure from the in-laws, their many children, and other family and friends.)

For the formal and official celebration, the bride decided on a tropical theme. The groom took on the challenge and made 19 (not 20) coconut and palm trees out of pipe, wire, tie straps, holographic film and rope light. Soon the whole family pitched in. The neighbors and friends joined in the fun, too. Creative ideas for centerpieces, tropical flowers, wedding favors, even the wedding cake, all came into play. The groom wanted to add a romantic touch and made a huge heart with chasing rope lights and stars that danced to the beat of the music. And of course, the letters L (for Leon, the groom) & M (for Marilda, the bride) were placed inside it!

The venue, officiate, and entourage were selected, the outfits were ordered, and the wedding day came quickly. The wedding favors came from a country far away. Special home-made chocolate drops were carefully put into the favors. Two of the couples’ closest friends coordinated the wedding, the reception, and decorated the hall. The place looked like paradise!

As the bride was getting ready to come down the aisle, the groom ran up and down the ladder for a last minute check, wanting everything to be perfect for his wife-to-be. Friends pulled him away and hurried him to his spot. As the music started (a sign for the bride to enter), everyone stood up. In the distance Marilda saw her family, her bridesmaids and Maid of Honor, all the Groomsmen, and all the friends that were so very dear to her. Surrounding them were beautiful lit up coconut and palm trees and tropical flora. Waiting for her was Leon, her proud husband-to-be with a tear waiting to roll down his cheek and a big smile. And as their eyes met, they both and started to cry. It was a very happy and special moment for everyone. Everything was so beautiful, so magical!

Guests loved the fun tropical atmosphere so much, that they told the story to their family and friends. Soon the news spread far and wide! Leon and Marilda became overnight sensations and were requested to bring their unique experience to many events. The newlyweds were overjoyed about the many requests. Leon and Marilda’s start to new beginnings, as husband and wife, opened the door to having others enjoy the magic they did.

Thus, Paradise Magic was born and has become part of numerous special events for individuals, office staff, corporate functions, fundraising and more. And as the company continues to grow, it carries on its tradition of turning people’s special moments into magical tropical memories!

About Paradise Magic

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